Our servicing VAG models

Owners whose vehicles are covered under existing manufacturers warranty need not worry about invalidating this when using Phil Davies for there servicing needs. The car block exemption law allows out of dealer network servicing to take place without impacting on your warranty.

The modern day motor vehicle relies heavily on electronics to run safety and efficiently. We are fully equipped with the latest Diagnostic equipment for the complete VAG range. We use the same software as all the main dealers and have the backup to allow us to carry out anything a main dealer can. We also have full online support to help us diagnose your vehicle efficiently. We ensure that we are constantly up to date with all the latest technology. This enables us to diagnose the full range of system faults.

We carry out all servicing to the same criteria:

  • Time and Distance ( Standard Servicing ) - 10,000 miles or every year (whichever comes first ) indicated by service light on dashboard
  • Long-life Servicing – 20,000 miles or every 2 years ( whichever comes first )  indicated by service light on dashboard

Additional Services

  • Engine flush used on all Services unless not required by customer
  • Quantum / Fuchs Engine oil used on all Services
  • Original equipment MANN filters used on all Services
  • Coolant strength checked
  • Brake fluid moisture content checked
  • Service light reset
  • Service book stamped

Cam belt change

For a replacement interval on your Cam belt please call us as a lot of replacement times vary from vehicle to vehicle.

When we carry out Cam belt changes we only use complete Genuine kits. Complete Cam belt kits consist of everything which is driven off the belt so you be assured everything is replaced.

We strongly recommend the replacement of the Water pump at this time if it driven by the Cam belt ( Water pump failure can cause costly engine damage ).

All Cam belts when changed with the Water pump will come with new Genuine Anti-freeze ( G12 Longlife ).

All our Cam belt kits come with 2 years parts and labour warranty.

Quality and safety are our prime concern so its important we only fit parts of the highest quality. This is why we choose to only fit Genuine Cam belt kits.

Estimates and quotes given to the best of our ability using our knowledge and experience. No work carried out without authorisation from the customer.

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